“5 stars!”

If you are looking for a real estate professional who truly listens and takes the time to understand you; is smart, organized, prepared and well-informed; and has an admirable work ethic, call Jon!

Jon helped my husband and me in every aspect of buying our first home in just a matter of weeks, including sharing his connections with everyone from mortgage brokers to shade installers, and he has inspired confidence every step of the way. He’s clearly very invested in and cares about his community (thank you for all the guided phone tours of Newmarket!), and he really knows the neighbourhoods in which he works. Jon thoroughly looked at each property we visited together, offered thoughtful insight, and also acted as a much-needed “voice of reason” throughout the entire journey.

Jon acts in his clients’ best interests, and with a view of fostering a long-term partnership. He could have persuaded us to increase our offer price on one property we considered, for what I believe could have been a more efficient turnaround for him, but I am so grateful that Jon had the integrity to advocate on our behalf and look out for our best interest. Jon keenly strategized to get us the best possible result–a beautiful first family home in a better neighbourhood, straightforward negotiation, and under(!) our expected budget. All of his work made the entire first-time home-buying process so much less daunting. I can’t express how much I appreciate Jon’s hard work and unreservedly recommend him to anyone!!!

— Jenn T , Buyer Client