“Jon is that guy!”

The reality of real estate in Toronto and the adjacent areas is that you have to be quick, REALLY quick. You need an agent who you can count on literally at any time of the day to be there for you, and Jon is that guy! We went from seeing the place to making an offer and to buying the place within 12 hours really. Jon worked tirelessly throughout the process – all the way up to past midnight to ensure all the paperwork was in order once we were committed to making an offer on our new home. He also managed to negotiate timelines that worked in our favour rather than leave the market open to bidding. If Jon hadn’t stepped up, we wouldn’t be homeowners today.

On a personal note, I found Jon to be very level-headed and forthcoming in our discussions. His assessments of property values helped us gauge what we really could and couldn’t afford. This is key, because most (all) properties in this region go well above asking and a true assessment is essential to help you save your sweat and tears. We found him to be very courteous, detail-oriented and someone who genuinely seemed to be involved in this journey with us as a ‘partner’ as he likes to call it. Jon, thanks for making it happen for us!

— Shariq M