“Jon is the perfect partner…”

Jon is the perfect partner for someone to have in their journey of finding a home. He is extremely motivated, engaged and very responsive. In days where time is literally money (24 hours can mean losing your shot in THE house, or >50k extra), you will need someone able to find the reality behind the “asking price” and get to the bottom of what is required in each situation very fast. I was flabbergasted to see how his assessments of property prices were always right. From the time I told Jon that I loved a place, it took him less than 24h to run a thorough background check and to guarantee that that place was mine. I should mention that when I decided to put down an offer, there was another comparable place closing (same location, but 1bed and and 1bath less than mine). When I learned how much this one was sold for, I knew we had made a FANTASTIC deal!

— Catia P